Femenist Queer Man Poems

Porno for a lonely man

Ice cube melts

Thank you crystal core for lasting


As we watch

Your fluids scald your sides

I’m sweating too

Feel us

Let us soothe each other

And maybe slip into something more supple

In the hope of frosting over.



You had all the words,

As if that weren’t enough

You squeezed me once

Without asking.

Now you have my breath, too.

Whine Night

You have the white

I brought the red

So go ahead

And don’t bore me

With apathy but

Drive me to be

Der Heuchlerkönig

Lass mich direkt reden

Ich will nur

Illusionen erquicken

Von reinen Männlichkeit


Bloß mit Wörtern

Überzeuge ich dich

Von dieser fremden neuen Idee:

Diese Symbolen verstecken nichts


Such keine Form

Das ist egal

Sonst schlag’ ich dich du Schwuchtel

Ich bin der Heuchlerkönig


Und mein stumpfes Schwert

Kratzt wenn ich dich steche

Der große Eindringling

Zerfleischt oberflächlich


Two parasites

No wonder

I’m scared

When I hate you all

The air is still

I mean stale

Your effusive fuss

Bores through my brow

Numbly you pick my pink

I mean grey

As a matter of fact

It’s great

Like to forget

My sponge is wet

And let this

Cerebrospinal juice

Drain as I probe

A new lobe

You would think

This would hurt

I mean prick

For God’s sake

An ice-pick!

Now my chest

Is the only one

Who hugs me

He knows best

But he cheated

With the brain drain


His embrace is too tight


He hates me

I am the

Third wheel

On this nervous little tandem.

I bow and hunch and stoop

And curl and twist and stretch

And push and crunch and cry

And try to let them be

Together without me

These bastards are

A good team

I mean bad

I mean dream

Thank God

I am their host

They are only

My friends



I sip a hot cup of home

We are teetering on the edge

Degrees drop to death

Is there no crossing here?

I bury my head in mother’s bosom

And the world shakes

Like father’s hands

We’re caught in a storm of sadness

Sprayed by beige waves

We force grins and weep

So I throw myself today

The tea is cold anyway


Hip hip.
Blast! A mega breath explodes.
An intercostal ballistic mishap
A billion bronchioli burst my bust but
Rasping rises a treat…
Caramel catarrh creeps
Like a little kiss to tease this tongue.
Heart in heat and saliva slips smooth
Remedy past a fickle tickle with a trickle
Of fresh wind
That trap of battle
Enemy snakes
Tell tales that rattle.