Two parasites

by stevenjaysen

No wonder

I’m scared

When I hate you all

The air is still

I mean stale

Your effusive fuss

Bores through my brow

Numbly you pick my pink

I mean grey

As a matter of fact

It’s great

Like to forget

My sponge is wet

And let this

Cerebrospinal juice

Drain as I probe

A new lobe

You would think

This would hurt

I mean prick

For God’s sake

An ice-pick!

Now my chest

Is the only one

Who hugs me

He knows best

But he cheated

With the brain drain


His embrace is too tight


He hates me

I am the

Third wheel

On this nervous little tandem.

I bow and hunch and stoop

And curl and twist and stretch

And push and crunch and cry

And try to let them be

Together without me

These bastards are

A good team

I mean bad

I mean dream

Thank God

I am their host

They are only

My friends