Femenist Queer Man Poems

For our good

We will not speak the word.

You who speak the word shall

be shunned and exiled for

having crossed into a

world without beauty or


Your dead truth means nothing

to me, or to others.

Those of us with restraint

will revel in our hope

that you resigned when you

opened it.

Tryptich for the apostates of the middle ground

This is you then

Not much to see

You don’t like men

Much less like me

Subficial inholdings diamorph one syllable

This is you now

We’ve seen too much

Of what you allow

These men to touch

Hypocrisy’s King

Let me talk straight

What I want is to

Recreate illusions

Of “pure” masculinity


Using just words

I will convince you

Of this strange new idea:

These flat symbols hide nothing


Don’t read for form

It doesn’t matter

Or I’ll punch you, poofter

I am hypocrisy’s king


And my blunt sword

Grates as I stick you.

The great penetrator

Lacerates superficial.

Butterfly in black and white

Plunge into the cloud of my duvet:

The flowers on my sheets represent our sex

And replace an absent feminine.


I will be a god and you shall pray:

Beg me for my warmth and nothing more complex

Don’t you dare mention that elephant.


The gay and glittered sky turned to day:

Our hands are strewn around each other’s necks

And reach for an absent masculine.

Schism (who cares?)

The Vatican fell to bits
The palace called it a day
His holiness ran away
Her majesty got the squits

The Voyeur

Something in my keyhole catches moonlight

From the bright and icy projects of that

Darkness outside, bearing liquid midnight

In to penetrate my unseen mind-tat.


In here my mental virgin bordello

Is purified by a crisp ray of white

The twinkle of the eye mists to mellow.

An escutcheon never fails to excite.

Acaso una palabra 3

I’ll bet they’ll have told you it’s not going to kill you:

Missing him. You’ll forget all of that, and the pain

Will be numbed by other things; the wind and the rain

Will wash your windows and new worries will fill you.


And this throbbing thirst: this miserable drought that won’t

Lose you, will come to an end like that sweet thought

Of all the time that you gave me and how it ought

Not writhe and reach and scream as it does but you don’t.


Why then, did you come here if it all had to end?

And what was that love, if you never loved me?

Did you make me better to destroy me again?


That’s what you did: upped and left me so I must fend

For myself in this emptiness: You let me see

You so I let you in and you said goodbye then…

(Rubén Bonifaz Nuño)

You are earth

You are earth

And the baked soil of your self

Compresses blasted ribs

To breathlessness, frost, silence.


You are earth

And the industrial plough

Devastates your body;

Opens you for the seeding you desire.


You are earth

And your polyamorous sodomy bears mutant offspring.

Parasites push through your crust

Infesting fissured flesh


You are earth

Your scars made you man

Celebration for one

Shell breaks fruity fish

Scent scalds serpentine sensor;

Why won’t this ice thaw?


observed sky

counted years

looked in eye


universe die

confirmed fears

observed sky


mothers cry

heat-death queers

looked in eye


entropy nigh

distance nears

observed sky


sun scorched dry

hateful tears

looked in eye


frozen high

deafened ears

observed sky

looked in eye